The branding and identity of a spiked tea bar whose goal is to spark new conversations while bringing a newfound love of iced tea to Northeastern America.

So let’s sit down, spill the tea, and pinkies up!

Why Pinky’s?

I created Pinky’s identity by connecting the idea of “spilling the tea” meaning gossip, to the tea itself. Whether you visit Pinky’s with new friends or people you have known your entire life, Pinky’s Drama Cards are made to spark new conversations within your group. The brand’s identity is inspired by the drama and creativity of your childhood, making Pinky’s stand out from the average bar. A custom illustration system and the idea of a loose grid allows the personality of the brand to shine across physical deliverables like their to-go bottles, as well as their online presence on Instagram.

Drama Cards

To-Go Bottles

The Classics: Blueberry, Raspberry, Sweet, Lemon, Green

The Botanicals: Honeysuckle Citrus, Hibiscus Peach, Pomegrante Rose, Lavender Lime

Instagram Feed

Instagram Stories

series promoting the to-go bottles


All ideation, photography, creative direction, and execution were self-directed

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