The branding and identity of a Cleveland Urban Community created by Penn State Architecture and Landscape Architecture students.

The Objective

In collaboration with three other design students, we were tasked to create a cohesive branding system for the Cleveland Urban Community developed by the students in Penn State’s Architecture classes. We strived to design a brand identity that highlights the connections, liveliness, and environmental focus within the architectural design of the space.
Rendering done by Penn State Architecture students

a connection or series of connections linking two or more things; the central and most important point or place

The Mark

The negative space in the Nexus “N” comes from the shape of the property, connecting the urban community’s identity to the land itself.

Primary Mark

Secondary Mark


map installation and indoor signage

Bus Wraps

iOS Application


UDA International Design Competition 2021 – Silver Award

Design + Branding

Samantha Chung
Liliana Golden
Connor Schwenk
Megan Skosnick

Architecture + Landscape Architecture

Alex Damus
Bethany Gindhart
Brandon Patellos
Sean Rutala
Alex Takacs

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