Frame iOS App

What is Frame?

An iOS application that allows you to easily keep track and schedule all of your TV shows so you never miss a show again.

Filter through shows

On Frame you are able to filter through streaming services, allowing you to customize your settings based on which services you have.

Just like the streaming services themselves, you are given the ability to filter through shows based on genres. This allows for a more convenient experience when searching for shows to watch.

Organize your shows

Keep track of the shows you watched, shows you have scheduled, and save shows to watch at a later time.

Frame Calendar

Never miss a show again

Frame’s most desirable feature is the schedule calendar. This feature not only gives you the ability to see which shows air each day, but the ability to schedule shows within certain timeframes.

For example, if you need to catch up on a show in one week so you can watch the finale on time with your friends, Frame will space out watch-times for you throughout that specified week. However, you can always manually change the dates and times if need be. 

Quarantine feature

If you choose “yes” that you’re scheduling shows for quarantine, Frame will automatically make your end date two weeks after the start date. Your quarantine timeframe will also be highlighted on the monthly calendar, along with “Quarantine Day _” labels.

Got friends?

Keep up-to-date on what your friends are watching and what their favorite shows are. Your profile is where your favorite shows are featured, but choose wisely because you can only highlight up to nine!
Frame Profile


All creative direction, prototyping, and execution were self-directed.

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