A collaborative project that focuses on bringing awareness to international student engagement within Penn State’s Stuckeman School. Focused on the promotion of Rui Wang and Yang Deng’s Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship project.

Meet Our Collaborators

Stuckeman Diversity and Inclusion Fellows

Rui Wang
Ph.D. Candidate | Landscape Architecture
Yang Deng
Ph.D. Candidate | Art Education

Rui + Yang’s Fellowship Project

As Stuckeman Diversity and Inclusion fellows, Rui and Yang have been working on a Fellowship Project together. The goal of their project is to “create a sense of community for Stuckeman international students.” They want to understand if Stuckeman is creating an inclusive learning environment for these students and what can be done to increase international student engagement to help them further succeed at Penn State.

Stuckeman Doors Details

Tori Millsap, Cameron Soravilla, and I strived to bring awareness to international student engagement in the Stuckeman School by promoting Rui and Yang’s fellowship project. Our deliverables consisted of promotional material such as a website, promotional box for students, a wellness journal, and a “door attack” of wraps and posters on Stuckeman’s doors. All of our deliverables follow an important timeline that lead up to the date of their fellowship event and can be viewed below for reference:


2 weeks prior – Stuckeman Door Attack begins + URL

1 week prior – Promo boxes delivered to students

The Stuckeman Door Attack is a promotional tactic to continue grabbing students’ attention every day leading up to Rui and Yang’s fellowship event. Beginning two weeks prior, doors will gradually be wrapped with bright gradients and enigmatic phrases such as “where are you going?” “where to next?” and “where will this take you?” By the week of the event, all of Stuckeman’s doors will be wrapped, revealing the date and place on all main doors and elevators.

Illustration by Yang Deng

The Stuckeman Door Attack will slowly reveal more information about the event day by day. Along with the phrases and bright colors, Yang Deng’s illustration is used as a visual element within the door wraps and is fully revealed the week of the fellowship event.  

14 – 9 days prior

8 – 5 days prior

4 days prior – main door and elevator

New places and new adventures can always be stressful or scary. One thing Rui and Yang shared with our group is how international students often struggle with mental health, anxiety, etc. We wanted to create a wellness book so that Stuckeman students can have a private place to share their thoughts and also give them access to wellness resources and hotlines. 

The wellness book is a part of a promotional box that would be delivered to all Stuckeman students. The promo box also includes an informational packet introducing Rui and Yang’s fellowship project.


Collaborators: Rui Wang + Yang Deng
Design: Megan Skosnick, Tori Millsap, Cameron Soravilla

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